Great Wedding Photos

We are anxiously awaiting photos from Miles – the official photographer.  We know they’ll be amazing.  My sister Sia also took some great pictures of the event that we’d like to share:

Mike escorting in the  beautiful bride.



Logan leading them through their vows:

Lots of smiles while exchanging rings

Moving in for the kiss:

Passionate kisses…

Sister Sarah has happy tears.

Quickest wedding in history.  My sister actually timed it at 4 minutes 15 seconds.  No kidding!

Jo and her Grandma

Cousins Brittany (most recently married) and Corbin (most likely to be the next!)


Jo and Alex  –  modeling wedding gifts.


Alex and Jo are registered at Macys.  Their address is: 3915 205th Place SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

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