• Remodeling and Projects   ( 2 Articles )

    We moved into our home in 1990 - with two kids aged 3 and 5.  It was a unique property with 1.6 acres, tons of trees, but just a mile from town.  The house was built in 1971 and had only 2 previous owners, the second of which had removed most of the hideous wallpaper and thrown paint on the walls.  The only good thing they did was to finish the entry, dining room, kitchen and laundry with industrial strength neutral grey tiles.  We had 1800 square feet upstairs and the same, mostly unfinished, downstairs.

    We started with basic stuff; putting in overhead lights, recarpeting a few rooms, painting or wall-papering bedrooms.

    We haven't really stopped - and in fact, after finishing the basement in 2009, moved back upstairs for more changes.


  • Pinball   ( 4 Articles )

    There are currently 8 pinball machines in our basement, ranging from 1978 to 1990. Come on over and play! You get 8 plays for a quarter, and we'll supply the quarters! The sign on the wall says No Smoking, Drinking, Gambling, or Swearing, but we only enforce one of those rules...






  • Fun Photos   ( 1 Article )

    Over the years, we have collected some great photos of wildlife - including kids and pets - in the neighborhood and in our woods.